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Scleral Contact Lenses Can Drastically Improve Your Every Day Life

Are you tired of constant awareness of your gas permeable contact lenses? Scleral contact lenses fit more like a soft contact lens, yet are made of gas permeable materials.

tripod method of holding a large diameter lens

The result is an extremely comfortable lens that provides the sharp clear vision that you need…

Dry eyes?

No problem, scleral lenses are applied with non-preserved saline and maintain a moisture chamber between the lens and your cornea. In fact, these lenses are used to relieve symptoms of extreme and chronic dry eye.

Irregular astigmatism?

If you have a condition where your corneas have an irregular curvature, such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, or post lasik ectasia; scleral lenses may be perfect for you.

Corneal gas permeable lenses can correct your vision but are usually uncomfortable and challenging to tolerate for long hours. Scleral lenses actually vault the cornea and land on the white of the eye making them extremely comfortable while correcting vision for some of the most challenging contact lens fits.

Hard to fit with contacts?

Have you been told your eyes are “hard to fit” or even worse “impossible to fit” with contacts? This exciting method of correcting vision may be perfect for you. It matters very little what shape your cornea is in or if you have been succesful with contacts in the past. Scleral lenses vault over your cornea and fit the soft white of the eye making some of the most challenging fits possible.

Soft toric lenses driving you crazy?

Are you tired of the on again/off again vision with your soft toric lenses? There is a reason a soft toric lens does that. The soft material is partially plastic and part liquid. Once the lens goes on your eye the liquid is slowly replaced by your own tears. As you can feel, sometimes the lens tends to get dry and when it begins to dehydrate it does not perform it’s job of vision correction very well. Furthermore, a toric lens must align perfectly in order to correct your astigmatism. Once it rotates off axis, your vision blurs. A couple of focused blinks can usually bring the lens back into place. A scleral lens is not dependent on moisture or alignment to correct corneal astigmatism so you get clear crisp comfortable vision all day.

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What makes scleral lenses so comfortable?

Conventional “corneal” gas perm contact lenses are designed to gently float on a layer of tears. To accomplish this, they are designed to be smaller than your overall cornea and move up and down with each blink. As your lids move over the edge of the lens with each blink there is an awareness that is felt. For some, this awareness is extremely tolerable while for others it creates a constant irritation to the eye. Furthermore, as the lens moves up and down on the cornea it is not uncommon for small particles or foreign bodies to find their way underneath the lens. This can cause excruciating pain until the foreign body is flushed away from behind the lens.

Now we will discuss why soft lenses are usually more comfortable than conventional gas permeable lenses. Soft lenses are not necessarily more comfortable because they are made of a softer material. Soft lenses are more comfortable primarily because they are larger than the cornea and they move very little on the eye. This creates a minimal led sensation and leads to a comfortable lens. The flexible nature of soft contact lenses allows them to gently drape over the cornea and on to the sclera (the sclera is the white of the eye), making them suitable for many eyes. Unfortunately, soft lenses just won’t work on all corneas due to their flexible nature. If the corneal surface is extremely dry or irregular in curvature, a soft lens will not provide adequate visual acuity and a rigid gas permeable contact lens is indicated.

Scleral lenses can offer similar comfort to a soft lens because they are fit to the white of the eye and have extremely limited movement. This means that your lids do not feel the lens every time you blink. And because they are larger and don’t move, foreign body attacks just don’t happen. In turn, you have a very comfortable lens with superior gas permeable optics.